Strategic Marketing Personal Statement

Strategic Marketing Personal Statement
During the crisis one might have expected companies to scale back their spending on all
types of advertising. But online advertising in many areas saw its revenues increase despite
the downturn. The chief reason for online’s continued success is its accountability: firms can
monitor the effectiveness of campaigns. From reading about web analytics and doing
research on the online ad market, I quickly recognised that my unique combination of skills
would perfectly fit the criteria for a Digital Marketing Manager, tasked with monitoring
online campaigns and determining different levels of investment in various areas of digital
Applying for the MSc in Strategic Marketing at Imperial was for me the obvious next step to
help me fulfil my ambition. The course’s compact curriculum, with specific courses on
Market Analytics and the Digital Economy, taught by one of the world’s leading Marketing
faculties, would fully prepare me intellectually to walk into my favoured role, while the
business school’s one-on-one career development service would provide me with the key to
enter on my chosen career.
My current study for a Masters in Accounting and Finance at Manchester Business School is
equipping me with the requisite analytical and financial skills to succeed on the course. The
Essentials of Finance and Portfolio Investment courses have taught me how to price
investments, which should be of great use when I come to the Pricing course on the degree,
which I particularly look forward to, given my long-standing interest in finance. But whether
a particular course is relevant to my ambition or not, I always give my best. My hard work
and determination are paying off: I am predicted a Distinction for the degree.
This is not my first taste of academic success. Before the Masters, I received a solid First for
my Honours degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Plymouth. My
exceptionally high marks in Financial Research Methods and Accounting indicate my
uncommon ability to analyse and interpret complex data, which makes me particularly well
suited for analytics. I also received a First-Class mark in the English for Academic Purposes
course, despite my only having been in the UK for two years. The course made me a better
and more confident communicator, which will be of great use when I come to explain
campaign statistics and web metrics to senior executives in my career.
In only my first year in the UK, after a year of university study in my native China, I was
awarded an exceptional 90% mark for my Research Skills course in my foundation degree.
My evident talents did not escape the notice of my teachers and I quickly progressed to the
Honours degree, despite my unfamiliarity with the UK’s education system. My versatility and
ability to adapt quickly to a new academic and cultural environment show that, should I start
the course, I would hit the ground running. To prepare myself for the day-to-day reality of the business world, I undertook an internship
as a financial analyst at the Bank of China in my last year of the BA, despite my busy
academic schedule. My work was so valued that the bank asked me back again the next
summer. The experience taught me how to work closely with senior professionals as part of
a tightly knit team.
I hope to work closely with my fellow students on the Strategic Marketing course. I love
contributing to discussions in seminars and lectures and I am very willing to listen to, and
learn from, others. I would also like to join Imperial’s debating society, should I begin the
course, in order to improve my public speaking and communication skills, which are
fundamental for my chosen career, which regularly involves presenting research findings to
I think studying at Imperial will provide me, not only with world-class academic
surroundings, but a mutually supportive student environment in which I can also develop
the personal qualities required of a successful marketer.