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Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 10.01.55At Personal Statement help, we understand the importance of getting your UCAS personal statement right. For many students, it’s the difference between a conditional offer and rejection for the course that could define their career. But we also understand that, unfortunately, every year thousands of the most capable applicants don’t get onto their chosen courses. The problem isn’t their grades, and nor is it that they haven’t achieved and experienced enough outside of the classroom. It is often quite simply because their personal statement doesn’t communicate these things convincingly enough. And in most cases, this happens because students don’t have access to the support they need to make a statement that shows their true potential and qualities.


personal statementIn today’s fiercely competitive higher-education environment, grades are no longer enough to guarantee you a place at your chosen university. More so than ever before students need to make sure their application stands out from the rest of the field, and the personal statement is your chance to do this. Produce a statement that is articulate, insightful, well organized and packed with the information that admissions tutors want to know about you and your chances of being made an offer shoot up. Produce one that is difficult to read, strays off-topic or relies on the usual personal-statement clichés, and you could well be looking at a set of rejections.

Our history

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 09.37.50Personal Statement Help has been set up with the goal of helping students realise their potential through a selection of personal statement proof-reading, editing and writing services that will allow their UCAS personal statement to demonstrate to admissions tutors that they are the ideal candidate for their course. We provide efficient, easy-to-use and above all highly effective personal statement services for students from all backgrounds and for all courses. Our tried and tested personal statement service exclusively employs professional writers who have graduated from the UK’s top universities and who truly understand what admissions tutors are looking for when they cast their eyes over a personal statement and how to convey a student’s strengths using flawless prose.

Our aim

our aimWith our unique personal statement service, we have helped thousands of students to win a place at their desired universities, and no matter what course you are applying for or where you want to study, we can give you the best possible chance of being made an offer through providing you with a first-class personal statement. Our aim is to provide a fast, effective and outstanding personal statement with minimal hassle for you. Our service exclusively employs graduates from the UK’s top universities such as Oxbridge, Edinburgh and UCL. Our professional writers will help you to create a truly individual personal statement based on official UCAS criteria, that is guaranteed to stand out from the rest.


personal statementJust like today’s intense levels of competition in the job market, the fight for a university place is tougher than ever. Students with excellent grades are increasingly finding themselves turned away from their chosen universities owing to the fact that those top marks are simply a basic prerequisite for even being considered by the admissions officers, rather than a guarantee of a place. In this climate, the personal statement has become the key method used by universities to make decisions about whose day—and possibly career—to brighten up with an offer, and whose to spoil with a rejection.

Our expertise

personal statementBeing able to call on the help of people with real expertise in personal statements is therefore enormously valuable. And while some people have the good fortune of having family members in the know, or attending schools that offer individual coaching to their final-year students as they go about the process of writing their personal statement, the sad fact is that many students simply don’t have access to the help they need to approach a task that they’ve never been asked to do before. Our services are designed to fill this gap. By working with Personal Statement Help on your statement, you are allowing yourself access to the help and support needed to be equal in this most daunting aspect of the university application process.