A Brief Guide to Selecting Your University

So you’ve decided to go to university. Now what? Choosing an institution to suit you can be a daunting task, and hopefully there are some things to consider here which will help. First off you’ll need to decide which course is for you, be sure to do this before looking at universities. It is always a shame to find a place you like only to later learn they don’t do the course or courses you’re interested in. If you still aren’t entirely sure what you would like to study, why not choose two? A joint degree can provide an interesting versatility to your work, and these choices can always be refined shortly after you begin your studies.

Once you have done this take careful consideration of who you are and even who you would like to be. For example if you come from a large city, would you like to stay in another one for three or more years? Or would you prefer a more intimate setting. Do you crave a vibrant nightlife? Or maybe top quality sports facilities? These are all things to consider when picking an institution that is the right fit for you.

It is always advisable to attend the open days of those universities which you have an interest in. This will give you a keen insight into each facet of the lifestyle which you can expect. When preparing for an open day be sure to have questions in your mind as to things you most want to know. For example, ask about modules in your chosen field, do they interest you? Why not enquire about teams and societies; there will almost certainly be others there who share your hobbies and interests, with countless such groups active. Another crucial part of the open day will be a tour of the accommodation. Student housing can make or break a stay, so be sure to get a good look.

Finances. We hate to talk about it, but the ever increasing cost of living means these things have to be looked at. It is inevitable that some places will be more expensive than others, be it for course fees, living expenses or social activity. These must all be considered to ensure you have the best place for you, and not only the University. As important as the campus side of life is, you mustn’t forget that the place you choose to study will be your home for the next few years, a sound financial plan will certainly help with this. This being the case some may consider a part time or holiday job, take into account how your chosen town or city could facilitate this, and remember, your university will be there to help you, you have but to ask.