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Product Description

Our Gold Service is the ideal choice if you have already produced a personal statement by yourself, but now want to ensure that it truly demonstrates your potential and suitability for your chosen course.

A full reworking of a personal statement written previously by you, carried out by one of our professional personal-statement experts
Revisions of paragraphs and sentences within the statement that fall below the exceptionally high standards set by our personal-statement team
A detailed report outlining the key changes that have been made
A chance to request changes, with a 3-4 days maximum response time to help you meet UCAS deadlines
When you purchase our Gold Service, you can feel confident that your current personal statement will be turned into an outstanding demonstration of you capabilities, talents and experience through being thoroughly revised and reworked by one of our personal-statement experts. After carrying out a detailed examination of your work, one of our writers will then complete a deep edit of your words to further accentuate your strongest points and address any shortcomings in your original work, whatever these may be. Typical changes that are made to a personal statement using the Gold Service are reordering the content of the statement so that it is presented in a more logical fashion; rewording sentence to ensure they convey what you want to say more effectively; expanding on areas that will be of most interest to the admissions tutors (for example, highlighting skills you have developed through your work experience, rather than merely mentioning your job role); and eliminating parts that are irrelevant or inappropriate for a personal statement. Included in the service is a report summarising the key changes that have been made and the reasons behind the changes.